Marx VS Kokesh

“The Communist Manifesto” (written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) focuses on the history of class struggles and aims to end wealth gaps as the center of its moral argument. “FREEDOM!” (written in 2014 by Adam Kokesh) focuses on the history of tyranny and its primary moral argument is the principle of self-ownership. Both books claim to support freedom and address the conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed. Both books use well-being, equality, and fairness as selling points, but approach these ideas in vastly different ways. “The Communist Manifesto” looks to government as the Savior and profit motive as the enemy, while “FREEDOM!” points to profit as the reward for service to others based on voluntary exchange, which cannot exist with government.

Neither book explains where their philosophies have been fully implemented, but Marx outlines the direction and steps to follow to his ideological conclusion. Both attempt to convince the reader of the terrible ills of the status quo. They both assert that it is their philosophy that is in the interest of social progress, and they both claim the opposite philosophy leads to the inevitable Ruling Class. Kokesh has more history to work with, and is able to show how Marx has already failed.

While “The Communist Manifesto” stresses the supposed “greater good,” “FREEDOM!” asserts respect for individuals through universal nonviolence. One important distinction is how they answer the question of private property. “The Communist Manifesto” lists its planks as a guideline for all property belonging to the State, under the idea of a united workforce. “FREEDOM!” describes areas that are currently under the control of a centralized government, and shows why government intervention has not only NOT eliminated the problems of a Ruling Class, but made them worse. “FREEDOM!” suggests decentralization as key to restoring and retaining private property, particularly self ownership, from which all other property rights extend, according to Kokesh.

The ideas put forth by Marx have been implemented, even in the United States, and clearly have impeded social progress because they have been used as an excuse for violence by government. Marx even admits his ideology could not be done without violence. It’s time to take a look at things another way, not just with a new ideology, but with principles that supersede ideology. We should unite in the ideals of “FREEDOM!” rather than being united in self-proclaimed peasantry. We should unite on the principles of acquiring property only without force, fraud, and coercion. This is the only way to attain true justice, and is the only way to peace. As Kokesh so aptly stated, “You, as a free, beautiful, independent human being with inalienable rights, own yourself!”


-Kim Shady

Live free, be happy

If I see someone who is unhappy, who is doing harmful things to themselves or others, or having negative thought patterns that keep them from being happy, and I come along and say, “Be happy!” and they say, “No! Fuck you! I want to support my government! I want to be angry! I want to be afraid! I want to be resentful!” the worst that can happen is that they will still be unhappy. Nothing worth being unhappy about can be better than listening to someone ask you to be happy and nonviolent. The funny thing is, some people react by blaming me then for their unhappiness, but I can take it. I’m happy to bear the worst lashing out from discontent people and to let them blame everything they feel on me. Give me your angry, your violent, your statist huddled masses and we who are truly free can take their pain and still be happy! Maybe if the miserable victimizers of the world would just stop to listen to those of us who believe in freedom, even if just to hate us, perhaps we could all just get along, at least for a while! So I’m not sorry, but if I see that you’re unhappy because you’re a cop who is stealing from innocent people on behalf of politicians, or a soldier who is killing strangers, or a politician who is a compulsive liar, or a string puller who is obsessed with manipulation and domination, or even just a run-of-the-mill every day malcontent, whatever your political affliction is, I will bug you until you are happy. You’re welcome. Live free.

Gaza Under Siege


The Gaza Strip is a Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the east and north. It is roughly 140 square miles and has a population of 1.7 million. Israel enforces restrictions on the movement out of this very crowded camp of Palestinians by using checkpoints, road blocks, barricades, and fences. Passage is rarely allowed.

Israel has also severely limited the fishing zone along the coast to a mere six nautical miles, despite food and water shortages, and lack of electricity.  The people inhabiting the land of Gaza were uprooted and placed there so that Israel could be an all Jewish state. The Palestinians are not allowed to return, and Jews are given financial assistance to immigrate.

Hamas, who governs the Gaza Strip, was created by Israel and funded by the United States to counter their predecessor, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). The encouragement from Israel and the United States to radicalize the Muslims, combined with the resentment formed by the occupation, Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, blockades, and overall lack of human rights for Palestinians, have created blowback from those communities. The number of Palestinian deaths to Israeli deaths is clearly disproportionate, and although Hamas is accused of hiding behind children, a recent video and several eyewitness accounts from International journalists say otherwise. Four Palestinian boys were killed and three other children were wounded after they were targeted by Israel as they played football on a beach.

Immediately following the attack from Israel on the children of Gaza, NBC removed their reporter. CNN did the same. This is not surprising since the Palestinian side of the conflict is rarely covered, and Jews self admittedly control the media.

Israel has now launched a ground offensive into Gaza. Meanwhile, Israelis have gathered for front row viewing of the destruction in the Gaza Strip and are cheering at the bloodbath.


-Kim Shady

America Is Not Exceptional

In a prior post, I said that America was founded as a Republic. Although I did believe the distinction needed to be made between a Republic and a Democracy, it was not my intent to imply that a Republic is somehow unique, or that it made America great. A Republic is “a country that is governed by elected representatives and by an elected leader (such as a president) rather than by a king or queen”. Many countries in the world are republics, and are not free.

Constitution is simply “the system of beliefs and laws by which a country, state, or organization is governed” and “a document that describes this system”. Many countries have constitutions, including Iraq under Sharia Law, and they have nothing to do with freedom.

America has never been a free country. Free from King George, perhaps, but never truly free. 1913 was a particularly bad year. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 created the current central bank system and the 16th Amendment “allowing” the federal government to levy a tax on incomes was ratified.

The United States, with an economic freedom score of 75.5, is the 12th freest economy in the 2014 Index. America has become a police state and some say it is already worse than North Korea. The United States government spends about half of all military spending in the world and gets less safe.

In September 2013, Obama declared, “I believe America is exceptional.” If this is true, then I must ask, exceptional in what way? It sure isn’t in freedom.

-Kim Shady


What is freedom? How would you define it? Is it worth fighting for? If you already consider yourself a friend of freedom, do you have enough knowledge to explain it to others?

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Punishment or Justice?

America would be wise to understand the difference between punishment and justice.” Adam Kokesh, June 12, 2014

In order for justice to be served, there must be a crime. If there is no victim, there is no crime. As stated in a previous post, America – the supposed land of the free – has the highest per capita prison population in the world. Most of these prisoners are incarcerated because of the War on Drugs. Many are now joining them due to the War on Terror, or in the name of “safety”. Today, Americans are being spied on in an effort to control speech. For example, Brandon J. Raub, a Veteran, was arrested solely for his Facebook posts. Dissenting speech or possession of certain items, such as drugs or guns, deem you a criminal in the eyes of the State.

But how do those things alone produce a victim? They don’t. A real crime involves two parties: the offender and the victim. Government is not society; it is a monopoly on force. It is impossible for government to claim property rights on anything. Ayn Rand noted, “‘The common good’ (or ‘the public interest’) is an undefined and undefinable concept: there is no such entity as ‘the tribe’ or ‘the public’; the tribe (or the public or society) is only a number of individual men” and “When ‘the common good’ of a society is regarded as something apart from and superior to the individual good of its members, it means that the good of some men takes precedence over the good of others, with those others consigned to the status of sacrificial animals.”

Who is being served when people are punished by the State for “crimes” without victims? Politicians are, when passing legislation. How the decision makers are chosen in the American criminal justice system is also a political process. Judges and prosecutors often act with their own political ambitions in mind. This results in political demagoguery and the prosecution of perceived political enemies.

The vast majority of criminal cases end with a guilty plea rather than a trial. We have a system of pleas rather than a system of trials. The defendant who goes to trial instead of taking a plea will most likely be harmed by receiving a conviction on more serious charges and the imposition of a more severe sentence. In other words, you are penalized for going to trial. Prosecutors love plea bargains because they are evaluated largely by their conviction rates, and all plea bargains result in convictions. Prosecutors use overcharging to coerce guilty pleas from defendants and deprive them of the procedural safeguards and the full investigation of the trial process.  When overcharging and the trial penalty are combined in the regular practice of plea bargaining, defendants have little choice but to plead guilty, and virtually every act may be disposed of without a trial.

A jury trial provides no guarantee. Jury verdicts are very unpredictable. They are often intolerant and unfair. Counsel is not permitted to present the concept of jury nullification to the jury. In 2011, prosecutors charged Julian P. Heicklen, a retired chemistry professor, with jury tampering because he stood outside the federal courthouse in Manhattan providing information about jury nullification to passers-by. Almost always, the jury will convict a person based on what the government says the law is, and not the law itself.

The Prison Industrial Complex pulled in more than $5 billion in America in 2011. Our epidemic of incarceration costs us taxpayers $63.4 billion a year. There are financial incentives to keep the prisons full, and there are also financial incentives for “humanitarians” with their “healing therapy.”

Locking people in cages and coercing them into plea bargains in order to serve the political elite and the well-connected, especially when the crime has no victim, is not justice, and justice is not the intent of the U.S. system. The American system is designed to make criminals when there are none, and force people to admit to wrongdoing when there is none, while using propaganda such as “public safety” to get away with it, and is centered around punishment rather than justice.

Punishment is an emotional, vindictive, and retaliatory reaction. It doesn’t make the victim whole. Justice is rational, while bringing vindication and closure to the victim. It is determined by the actual victim and not politicians. It does not further victimize the victim by forcing payment for the prison industrial complex through taxation, but instead allows the victim to be compensated through repayment and reparations. Truly dangerous criminals should be forcibly isolated from the rest of us, but when property rights are perverted and moral principles are lost, true justice is rarely served.


-Kim Shady



AVTM/FREEDOM! updates from Adam

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We pre-released my first book a couple weeks ago and the reaction has been phenomenal. I wish I could say this is the book that everyone on earth is going to read that will take us to the tipping point of the paradigm shift, but I CAN SAY with confidence, that this is currently the most effective tool for winning converts to the message of liberty and will be critical to growing the freedom movement into the next demographic. If you haven’t read/heard FREEDOM! yet, do it! It’s available in every format possible including the audiobook for FREE here.

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Oliver North confronted by Antonello & Kokesh

by Kim Shady

Former U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Oliver North, most known for his role during the Iran-Contra scandal in the late 1980′s, is confronted by Adam Kokesh and Anthony Antonello about U.S. foreign intervention. Adam points out that intervention is only possible through the funding received by taxation, and therefore makes U.S. taxpayers less free. He also points out that the U.S. government is creating enemies and makes all U.S. citizens less safe. North laughs and says the American people need to completely replace the Congress if they are unhappy (VOTE HARDER!). North then states that the role of the government is to keep us safe. Anthony pushes the issue that they are supposed to be protecting individual rights. North disappears into the elevator rambling about oaths to the Constitution, as though he had previously misspoke, and as though our foreign intervention has anything to do with the Constitution. Adam sums it up best at the end of the video when he says, “Oliver North: If you don’t like it, you can beg or vote for your freedoms, and hope that the government will stop stealing from you to pay for all of its crazy interventionist ideas.”

Lt. Colonel Oliver North, (who was once involved in trading over 1,500 missiles to Iran in exchange for American hostages during the Iran-Iraq War, while diverting $18 million of $30 million of the funds from the arm sales to the Contras, a group of rebels in Nicaragua) recently warned the only way to handle the current crisis in Iraq is with boots on the ground. He said that Obama would need a Status of Forces Agreement, but public opinion would not support it.

In 2003, Americans were told the U.S. would be seen as liberators from an oppressive dictator who used violence against his people. Today, there is more violence in Iraq, and their new government is set up under Sharia Law. To further intervene, the U.S. will be forced to choose between the current oppressive government that is a close ally with Iran, or siding with Al Qaeda, who wasn’t even present in Iraq prior to the 2003 invasion. And the American taxpayer will get to pay for it.

It is time for another option: Nonintervention! It is time America stops intervening militarily, covertly, and financially in the affairs of foreign nations. None of this makes any sense, and all the while we are going broke and growing the police state around us.

“We” Are Not The Government

by Kim Shady

“The government’s us. These officials are elected by you.” – President Obama in a speech about gun control

Democracy is a form of government that is said to have the power reside with the people. It comes from the Greek words “demos” (people) and “kratos” (power). It is a political system in which the majority rules. A couple of obvious problems here: 1.) The majority isn’t everyone, and may only be 51%. 2.) What is popular is not always what is right.

America was founded as a Republic. (“A republic, if you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin). A Republic is a country governed by elected representatives and an elected leader, with supposed checks and balances and constitutional limits. This system of government still doesn’t keep popular opinion at bay. The government ignores the Constitution, and the People ignore it due to popular opinion or popular politicians.

Not only have the lines been blurred between a Democracy and a Republic in America, this government has already taken it to an even more oppressive level. Today, this country is run by oligarchs. An Oligarchy is a system of government in which all of the power is given to a dominant class; government by the few. Researchers in a joint study by Princeton and Northwestern universities concluded that “the U.S. government now represents the rich and powerful, not the average citizen” and “U.S. policies are formed more by special interest groups than by politicians properly representing the will of the general people, including the lower-income class.”

As Obama once declared, “The devil’s in the details.” Just recently regarding the Bergdahl swap, he said, “It was unanimous among MY principles in MY government.” Just as those before him, he makes many decisions via Executive Order, bypassing Congress. The evidence of the American Oligarchy can also been seen by noticing that there are different rules for the government than the citizens. If you behaved like your government, you’d be arrested. The government can steal, kidnap, and murder and call it taxation, arrest, and war. You cannot steal from your neighbor to feed the poor. You cannot kidnap people for not obeying your commands. You cannot kill anyone when it’s not self defense. Nor should you be able to.

These things happen in all forms of government, however, the police state in America has also become a very serious issue. The banks and tyrants are in control. You can be forced to purchase products from the large corporations. You are robbed through monetary policy. You can be indefinitely detained, targeted for killing, arrested for filming cops, tracked, and spied on. The government expects transparency from you, but secrecy for them.

People are angry with the government. “Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Likely U.S. Voters now fear the federal government, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Forty-seven percent (47%) do not, but another 17% are not sure.” Why? If “we” are the government, we would not be jailing ourselves for crimes without victims. America has the largest prison population in the world, and the highest incarceration rate in US history is happening right now. Furthermore, “we” did not declare war with other nations. “We” did not starve their children through sanctions. “We” don’t have conflicts with the people living in other countries.

Government is not an instrument for social service. It is a monopoly on the use of force and violence in a conquered geographical territory. It uses propaganda, such as the term “democracy”, to make you believe you have some sort of say in matters, but the speech of the political class is solely used for self preservation of power. They will allow debate within certain parameters, but the debate must remain inside their power box. They do this to maintain your compliance. It is the job of the political overlords to convince us that “we” should give up freedom for security. They use bogeymen, as though all can be wiped out with legislation and dictates, while pointing their fingers at so-called domestic terrorists for calling them out on it. Now they want to increase their monopoly on violence by restricting gun ownership even further than they have in the past. If the U.S. is already an Oligarchy, what will happen if they succeed? They won’t be giving up their guns, only the rest of us will be asked to, because “we” are NOT the government.