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We pre-released my first book a couple weeks ago and the reaction has been phenomenal. I wish I could say this is the book that everyone on earth is going to read that will take us to the tipping point of the paradigm shift, but I CAN SAY with confidence, that this is currently the most effective tool for winning converts to the message of liberty and will be critical to growing the freedom movement into the next demographic. If you haven’t read/heard FREEDOM! yet, do it! It’s available in every format possible including the audiobook for FREE here.

The official release is coming July 4th and we’ll be launching the book with the FREEDOM! (money) BOMB! 24-Hour Live Broadcast starting at 9am on July 3rd at adamvstheman.com/live. It’s going to be interesting. I’ve never tried to go 24 hours! Please mark your calendars so you can call in and help me out!

We are very excited to (finally) announce the launch of our online store! Thanks to Nathan and Justin of Where2Print.com for putting this together, we now have a completely independent operation that is going to handle book printing and all of YOUR needs for freedom gear. For now, you can help launch the book and the store by getting a FREEDOM! Package for $17.76. Check it out!

As you probably noticed, we’ve changed the AVTM production formula. Sorry it took so long to respond to the demands of the fans, but yes, we are shifting focus to field videos and away from studio and daily news production videos. We’ve still got some big projects in the works, but for now, this is the best way to serve you, the viewer. We’ll still be doing the live show as a mostly call in show Monday nights from 6-9pmPT at adamvstheman.com/live. Tonight, we’ve got an amazing show about how the rebellious spirit of music has been suppressed over the last several decades featuring Jeffrey Phillips of Hollywood Undead, Ryan Rockwell of Mixtapes, and Adam Armstrong of Rebel Inc. So with more quality content, but less content overall, we need your help sharing videos! Everything we put out should be something you can share. If not, email me and let me know! adam@adamvstheman.com.

Thank you especially to everyone who’s read the book and shared it! Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of the conversation around the book in the forums! Thank you to everyone who has donated and especially our monthly donors for making AVTM and FREEDOM! possible!



3 thoughts on “AVTM/FREEDOM! updates from Adam

  1. “Freedom!” is the best philosophy of government to modern date. It had the feel of “Liberty Defined”, but much more detailed . I think Ron Paul got Kokeshed.

  2. DAMN! Thanks! Let’s hope we can push the book enough to live up to that! If everyone on earth reads it …

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