I’ve been getting text messages from concerned friends and fans for the last several hours about the official ADAM VS THE MAN Facebook page being down. I logged in, and it turns out that the meme below is the reason. This is a young girl who was badly burned in one of Obama’s drone strikes. As obscene as this photo is, it’s still only a small symbol of the pain experienced by millions in the Middle East suffering due to Obama’s war policies and the families of the hundreds of children who have been confirmed killed by Obama’s drone strikes.


Why does Facebook have an interest in covering up Obama’s war crimes? Well, if you know anything about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, you know he’d rather cozy up to the murderer-in-chief than call him out or tell the truth about his crimes. In fact, he won’t even let us portray the grizzly reality that is being kept from the American people. Here he is shmoozing with Obama at the Facebook Town Hall, but he’s also met with him in private. Facebook has cooperated extensively with the NSA and other government spy agencies.

U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after a town-hall meeting at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto

Here’s what we were greeted with when logging in today:

facebook censored forwar copy

The Facebook “Community Guidelines” are deliberately vague in order to “allow” this kind of blatant censorship. Of course Facebook is a “privately owned” (although publicly traded) company, and has the right to set the rules for participation on its platform. However, as a huge recipient of corporate welfare and such a broad platform for important information to be shared that can shed light on the crimes of governments all over the world, seeing this kind of support for a war criminal is still disheartening. Beheadings are regularly allowed on Facebook, along with war crimes committed by Obama’s foreign enemies, but despite the censorship, we can all see the emperor is more naked than the girl in the meme.

We hope to have our page fully functional again, but Facebook does not even allow us to contest the removal of our page or the picture in question. While they point out that “pictures of personal importance such as breastfeeding or Michelangelo’s David” are acceptable, pictures depicting government crimes can get you kicked off. All the page admins and I are also blocked from posting ANYWHERE on Facebook so we can’t even post there to let people know about this. Facebook says this might only last 24 hours and we should review the rest of the content on the page. Petty as this may be, it is important to understand that the conversation is being distorted by the platform, and the incredible potential of the internet is not being realized. Please share this post.

– Adam Kokesh


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  2. For an uncensored social network try worldtruth.org we have a political focus and never censor. You’re exactly the kind of person we’re trying to reach!

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  4. The whole concept of friends-of-friends and further social disseminations implies that those viewing the image may not be familiar with your cause, likely reacting to the image first, and your cause second, if at all.

    The Vietnamese girl running from the napalm blasts shown in Time magazine is a prime counterexample to this. It is important to note, however, that the image was made available (not shot out) for a demographic expecting that kind of content, and following with proper discourse. This image, for all good it intends to do, is a naked girl sitting on a bench. Though the intent may not have been shock or extreme discomfort, that is certainly what comes across, as evidenced by the many thousands of people marking the content as inappropriate. Your cause and my own are not dissimilar, but our approaches to marketing differ vastly. Always be aware that you are speaking to two people: those who adore you, and those who could adore you.


  5. I’m all for grisly reality, but the grizzly bears at Facebook will get away with whatever they can. What’s the point of having power if it can’t be used politically?

  6. Every fan of Adam who’s on Facebook should repost the hell out of this meme. Let’s see what FB does then.

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  14. Didn’t you used to have a diaspora page? Maybe time to start promoting an open source more individualized social network? have facebook when you can but keep the diaspora as a solid backup? If it was not diaspora that you had then whatever OSI social network you used.

  15. dash f***d up

    But seriously, that is ridiculous Adam! Messed up that you’re being refused the freedom to share your ideas. That picture though, is so sad. What happened to her? Have you tried posting the photo on other websites and seeing if other websites would block it as well? Like Twitter, I wonder if they would block it.

  16. Is there a way to help the girl and kids like her? I only have feelings of concern for her condition. This is an honest photo – how else can be shown what has been done to her? Those blocking sites because of this photo are the perverts and beyond: some are saddists too!

  17. Well you could foot the medical bills and petition the government to change foreign policy or at least the use of armed drones in other countries but oh yeah that’s right. . The government only has one foreign policy and is resistant to change and would likely classify any drone victim support funds as aiding and funding a terrorist organization.

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  19. I do like your site, however the hypocrisy concerning This President about drone warfare is insulting. In every war there are civilian casualties. In WW2 for example the civilian casualties was a third more than the TOTAL armed forces casualties. Children were bombed by planes indiscriminately all over the war zones. It happened in Vietnam, do you remember seeing that picture of the naked Vietnamese girl who was splashed and burned by napalm? I can understand a lot of what you are saying but…you and others need to grow up. We are at war…it may not be a ‘formal’ war approved by congress but…tell that to the thousands of families here in the USA when they receive the coffins of loved ones…tell that to the thousands of returning veterans maimed and blinded by the families of those children you cry for. You say your about freedom? Then you should remember America first…after hostilities cease then WE ALL can get on the empathy horse and do something to help those disadvantaged by this war…anything else before that does nothing but undermine our so-called ‘integrity’…and makes us look like naive fools in the world theater…think about that…when you condemn our President (for using all the tools that he has to end this war), all it does is give fuel for the lies and half truths that ‘faux noise’ and its ilk, for the ‘pixie dust’ that is spread to those who are ”led by the cow bell”…

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