FREEDOM! the book pre-release

Today we are releasing all digital English editions of Adam’s new book: FREEDOM! You can download them here. Please sign up for our email list with the form on the left and come back on July 4th for the official release, featuring the print edition, foreign language editions, FREEDOM! shirts, a 24-hour marathon live broadcast, and more!

FREEDOM! cover


6 thoughts on “FREEDOM! the book pre-release

  1. All I can say is Beautiful! I listen to your podcast every day and enjoy every word. I can only wish that your ideal world would come to fruition. Man has away’s tried to control others through money/greed and power. Your words give me hope for my children and grand children’s futures. Without men like you our world has no hope. Adam Kokesh for president 2016! You got my vote. :) Much love Toni Franklin

  2. Love what ur saying to us Americans. I personally had forgotten anout my inalienable rights due to imitimidation & fear of ” not rocking the boat” bc ” I might drown” ! keep up the good work !
    Brian Foster…..political science minor & avid fan !!

  3. So excited and encouraged by the work you are doing. Keep the message alive!! Prayers for your safety and for our nation to be returned to the people!

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