Gaza Under Siege


The Gaza Strip is a Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the east and north. It is roughly 140 square miles and has a population of 1.7 million. Israel enforces restrictions on the movement out of this very crowded camp of Palestinians by using checkpoints, road blocks, barricades, and fences. Passage is rarely allowed.

Israel has also severely limited the fishing zone along the coast to a mere six nautical miles, despite food and water shortages, and lack of electricity.  The people inhabiting the land of Gaza were uprooted and placed there so that Israel could be an all Jewish state. The Palestinians are not allowed to return, and Jews are given financial assistance to immigrate.

Hamas, who governs the Gaza Strip, was created by Israel and funded by the United States to counter their predecessor, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). The encouragement from Israel and the United States to radicalize the Muslims, combined with the resentment formed by the occupation, Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, blockades, and overall lack of human rights for Palestinians, have created blowback from those communities. The number of Palestinian deaths to Israeli deaths is clearly disproportionate, and although Hamas is accused of hiding behind children, a recent video and several eyewitness accounts from International journalists say otherwise. Four Palestinian boys were killed and three other children were wounded after they were targeted by Israel as they played football on a beach.

Immediately following the attack from Israel on the children of Gaza, NBC removed their reporter. CNN did the same. This is not surprising since the Palestinian side of the conflict is rarely covered, and Jews self admittedly control the media.

Israel has now launched a ground offensive into Gaza. Meanwhile, Israelis have gathered for front row viewing of the destruction in the Gaza Strip and are cheering at the bloodbath.


-Kim Shady

12 thoughts on “Gaza Under Siege

  1. check your facts. really.

    Israel never was, never wished to be, and does not seek being “all Jewish”.

    As for Hammas… you conveniently forgot they are defined by US government as a Terorist organization. and that the UN found two UN schools where rocket were hit.

    oh, its also very convenient to forget that Israel has been under attack of thousands of rockets, targeting civilians, by the Hammas saints.
    also, please remember that ever since ISRAEL LEFT GAZA, hammas used the millions of dollars to build what? economy? schools? mmm… nope. rockets, tunnels, etc. only weaponary to kill Israelis.

    oh, whatever. you are definitely not driven by facts.
    why don’t you move to a country of your liking’s?
    Syria is nice, Egypt as well. i am sure you will find life nice there.

    also, remember that statements like “the jews control the media” are so 1937… Germany old school stuff. you should advance a bit.

    a proud Israeli.

    • Oren, how many Israelis are dead? Don’t smokescreen me dude. Take some responsibility for this clear disproportionate use of force. It’s people like you that back every crazy thing Israel does that continues the enablement and The US government is clearly co-opted by the Jewish lobby. I know who you are so, you are hasberat. Kim, nice story but the rule of thumb is don’t believe anything in the mainstream or corporate media and alternative media for that matter. People have been dumbed down so much, they can say anything and pass it off as fact. Israel is the problem in the region or they wouldn’t have started the illegal settlements if they really wanted peace. understand, I am Talmud aware and I know what they really want ;). They want it all and we ain’t gonna let em take it!Oh, by the way, I am “Site” Intelligence aware. I know you all make videos of atrocities and blame it on others. It’s an MO!

  2. Great article, though just like the “hit pieces” from the other side, does not accurately identify the ROOT problem. In my opinion, the root problem is a lack of reason and a belief instead in patriotism, religion and state. Without these delusions, perhaps in a few generations peace could be found… I hope we might rid ourselves of delusion and choose instead peace.

  3. This is my first time to Adam vs the man. I watched the video of him verbally body slam police haha. Anyway I’m surprised he drinks this liberal kool-aide. I’m sorry but Oren has it right. Go America go the constitution.

  4. I have respect for palestinian people. People they live in Gaza they should get rid of hamas .hamas doesnt want piece .they want power they been calling for destruction of isreal .people they live in Gaza they should say thank you to isreal beacues isreal feeds them .the blockade isnt for food its for wapon world need to understand that we have to see both side

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