Live free, be happy

If I see someone who is unhappy, who is doing harmful things to themselves or others, or having negative thought patterns that keep them from being happy, and I come along and say, “Be happy!” and they say, “No! Fuck you! I want to support my government! I want to be angry! I want to be afraid! I want to be resentful!” the worst that can happen is that they will still be unhappy. Nothing worth being unhappy about can be better than listening to someone ask you to be happy and nonviolent. The funny thing is, some people react by blaming me then for their unhappiness, but I can take it. I’m happy to bear the worst lashing out from discontent people and to let them blame everything they feel on me. Give me your angry, your violent, your statist huddled masses and we who are truly free can take their pain and still be happy! Maybe if the miserable victimizers of the world would just stop to listen to those of us who believe in freedom, even if just to hate us, perhaps we could all just get along, at least for a while! So I’m not sorry, but if I see that you’re unhappy because you’re a cop who is stealing from innocent people on behalf of politicians, or a soldier who is killing strangers, or a politician who is a compulsive liar, or a string puller who is obsessed with manipulation and domination, or even just a run-of-the-mill every day malcontent, whatever your political affliction is, I will bug you until you are happy. You’re welcome. Live free.

2 thoughts on “Live free, be happy

  1. I must take exception to your use of the term, “or a soldier who is killing strangers.” in your post. I am new to your site so i may ask questions that may seem strange but i am asking out of curiousity. The solder line does not follow , in my mind, the direction your other items were pointed.

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